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Gain a deeper level of insight

Culture Dots is about spending the day "in the field." We create multi-sensory excursions to help explore trends in more depth. Our attendees experience trend manifestations firsthand through observations and conversations. Culture Dots narrates the day and provides an understanding of trend genesis and impact. Our goal is to offer a deeper level of insight and to facilitate foresight.

Make more connections

Creative problem-solving is the super-skill of the 21st century. Highly creative people think in analogical, web-like patterns, making connections between things that aren't usually connected. They constantly expose themselves to different experiences to have more things to connect. Seeing connections is a way of looking at the world. But it's also an ability that can be trained. Our goal is to create an environment where unexpected connections can happen.


Join an intimate experience

We get a kick out of facilitating fascinating conversations. That's why we run events with only up to seven attendees. We want to ensure a level of intimacy that can't be offered by large-scale conferences. During the course of the day you will have a chance to build relationships and learn from each other. The small number of attendees also allows for the sessions to be partly shaped by your questions based on your interests and goals.


Reflect on your challenges

Our multi-sensory trend excursions provide an opportunity to reflect on your challenges and to connect them to new ideas. Everything discussed will be captured and made available to make sure the experience provides insight and inspiration long after the event. 

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