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Upcoming event: Food Trends

"The trend immersion was an eye opening and thoroughly engaging experience. It was great to get out of the studio and really explore what is happening in our city at a level we rarely get the chance to."
Rachael-Anne Thomas, Senior Account Manager, Hornall Anderson

Previous clients include strategists, researchers and designers working in Innovations, Marketing and Advertising. 

If your job is to understand the evolving culture, to identify relevant trends and to keep abreast of how pioneering brands shape the world around you, then Culture Dots trend immersions and multi-sensorial excursions are for you.


Culture Dots was founded by Katharina Michalski, trend researcher and strategist, with the aim to convey trend insight in the most effective and engaging way. At the heart of Culture Dots lies the rationale that immersive experiences facilitate learning, offer a deeper level of insight, and fuel creativity. 


We offer trend immersion events in London. Every event is different and can be tailored to the cultural or category trends you want to explore. Culture Dots curates multi-sensory excursions and provides trend insight, which will inform your observations and focus your perception long after the experience.

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